My name is Randall Milner, I am 47 years old, Husband, Father, and Grandfather. Life has been challenging over the years and 2015 was nothing less than disappointing. But I vowed to make 2016 a better year in every aspect of my life; Personally, Professionally, Financially, and Spiritually.

I started out 2016 looking for information on Self Improvement, Goal Setting, and Self Motivation. Wow I could not believe the information that is out there, plus my own experiences.

I am not a hoarder so I decided to start this blog, to share the information with you. I know that I am not the only one that had a rough year in 2015 and does not want to walk that road once again. I hope you enjoy the information. Please share as mush as possible. If it does something for you, I am sure it will help someone else.